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By application only. Participate in an intensive and inspiring coaching experience unlike any other.

The Roxy Jacenko Mastermind will give you unprecedented access to me as your coach and mentor along with other highly successful, like-minded entrepreneurs. 

People like you who want less bullsh*t and more action. Less negativity from the naysayers and more “Yes! Let’s do it”- style support and positivity. 

Smart, energised, influential and successful entrepreneurs and high performers who work for what they want.

• 2 X Live Hot-Seat Sessions per month

• Roxy’s Monthly Tips, tricks, prompts and resources

• Expert copy feedback

• Email Support from Roxy


• BONUS Guest Expert Workshops, Access to the full Roxy's Bootcamp Course portfolio, a signed copy of Roxy's Little black book

• AND an invitation to attend a LIVE, in-person end-of-Mastermind celebration evening with me

If you’re ready to stop dreaming and start doing, The Roxy Jacenko Mastermind is your once in a lifetime opportunity to work with me to make it happen.

Being part of The Roxy Jacenko Mastermind requires your full commitment to the program for 8 months. If you're in, you're all in - this experience will match the energy and commitment you show to your business and personal development.

Pay in full $40,000 (Save over $2600)
8 x monthly payment: $5333 /month

After working with thousands of business owners over the years, I’ve learnt the biggest struggle for most is - execution.

Because there’s a huge difference between knowing what you should be doing to grow your business, thinking about it and actually doing it.

For the first time ever, I'm giving you the opportunity to work with me and get my eyes on your business. Think…

• One-on-one feedback & support
• 'Get-it-done’ accountability
• Email access to me to bounce your ideas and for Roxy-style inspiration
• Guest mentor workshops
• Feedback from my in-house experts on your marketing (think website, sales pages, product descriptions, press releases and more)
• An exceptional line-up of bonuses including, industry-leading insights from guest mentors, access to my entire online course collection and an exclusive invitation to celebrate in-person, with me

The Roxy Jacenko Mastermind is a comprehensive business mentoring and coaching experience delivered over 8 months.

Everything we do inside the Mastermind will be personalised based on your needs and your business.

And don’t worry, there are no lengthy curriculums to feel like you’re falling behind on.

Instead, each month there will be one focus theme to help give structure to your monthly goals. This will help to keep you on track to make tangible, meaningful changes in your business.

Here are the areas we’re going to work on together to supercharge your personal and business development:

Personal Brand

• Refine your story.
• Define your point of difference.
• Increase your visibility in your niche.
• Create your legacy.
• Get super clear on your 'why'.
• Clearly and confidently articulate why should people work with you and buy from you.

Marketing, PR & Events

• Nail your overarching marketing strategy. 
• Get clear on the tactics and social media platforms that are right for your business.
• Leverage the power of PR for your brand.
• Use events to create brand experiences.
• Leverage the power of market research.

Communication & Branding

• Create clear, memorable brand messaging.
• Develop and refine your brand voice.
• Copywriting 101 for business owners.
• How to create and repurpose engaging content.

Your Offer

• Review and refine your products and/or services
• Create new offerings.
• Map your customer journey.
• Refine your unique selling point.


• Create multiple income streams.
• Diversify your offering.
• How to effectively operate multiple businesses.
• Pricing strategy, profits and margins.
• Mastering your money mindset.


• Build an aligned team.
• Your growth as a business leader.
• Set and hold boundaries.
• Cultivate confidence.
• Be seen as a thought leader in your industry.
• Create your own opportunities.

Systems & Processes

• Overhaul your workflows.
• Simplify with automation.
• Manage outsourcing for the best outcomes.
• Rethink your marketing systems.
• Create leverage with business systems.

Scaling & growth

• Product and market innovation.
• Business and process innovation.
• Spot trends early.
• Scale your product or service to new markets.
• Overcome common growth hurdles.
• Rethink your business model.

How does it work?

The core element of the Mastermind is the monthly hot seats.

2 X Live Hot-Seat Sessions per month

This is the core element of the Mastermind whereby we’ll come together as a group over Zoom. We’ll start with a quick share of wins, and lessons learnt as well as set goals for the upcoming session. We’ll then move onto hot seats - where you’ll get my eyes and thoughts on your business +  feedback, wisdom and inspiration from your fellow Mastermind participants.

Why are hot seats so powerful?

In short - because you not only get to ask questions and get insights from me, you’ll also be able to access to the collective wisdom of your fellow Mastermind participants.

The Mastermind Hotseats are going to help you: 

• Increase your focus so you’re working on the things that are going to move the needle for you in your business
• Minimise distractions
• Creating clear goals that align with your strengths
• Committ to action. 
• Be held accountable.
• Boost your confidence
• Stop doubting yourself
• Develop a ‘stop talking about it, start doing it’ mentality

Live Hot-Seat Session Dates:
Twice monthly these will take place on Wednesday, using Zoom.

Monday 6th & Wednesday 22 March
Wednesday 12th & Wednesday 26th April
Wednesday 10th & Wednesday 24th May
Wednesday 14th & Wednesday 28th June
Wednesday 12th & Wednesday 26th July
Wednesday 9th & Wednesday 23rd August
Wednesday 6th & Wednesday 20th September
Wednesday 4th & Wednesday 18th October

These are subject to change, according to Roxy's schedule and discussion with the Mastermind group and what works best for all participants.

Roxy’s monthly tips, tricks, prompts and resources

An exclusive one-pager from me to you, not available to anyone outside the Mastermind. This will be your framework for the month, including your focus topic, goal-setting frameworks, marketing prompts and inspiration to keep you focused and on track.

Expert copy feedback

Copy = the words you use to sell! AKA essential for effective marketing. Each month, you can submit copy (e.g a page on your website, product descriptions, press release or a marketing email) for feedback + suggestions from me and our in-house copywriter to help you nail your brand voice and messaging.

Email support from Roxy

Yes, you read that right. As a Mastermind member, you can email me directly whenever you feel stuck, need a resource or a quick hit of Roxy-style accountability. As your mentor and coach during the Mastermind experience, I’m with you every step of the way.


An incredible lineup of Bonuses designed to help you uplevel and execute your big goals with confidence.

BONUS 1 - valued at over $4000

Complete your Mastermind Experience and learn from the best with Exclusive Guest Expert Workshops

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get personalised insights from some of Australia’s most inspirational business leaders.

#1 Mastering Your Creative Business

How to build a successful, sustainable business in the creative space with Alesandro Ljubicic.

Alesandro Ljubicic is not only one of Australia’s most recognised, contemporary artists, but one of the art world's most innovative entrepreneurs. 

Alesandro is the founder of The Sydney Art Store, a painter’s emporium that stocks over 30,000 items and employs a team of 20 and growing. More recently, he founded Sydney Stretchers & Framing.

Boasting one of the country’s largest selections of paints and art supplies, The Sydney Art Store is an iconic destination for influential artists and novice art lovers alike. Alesandro is always looking for new opportunities, never complacent with ‘the way things have always been done’ - which is why, in addition to stocking some of the finest paints and tools from Australia and abroad, Alesandro has started manufacturing specific products he recognised a need for.

In addition to building his retail and online art stores, Alesandro is renowned for his unique style of painting and way of representing the beauty in nature, He’s won countless art awards, painted numerous sell-out collections and shown at some of Australia’s leading galleries  - with upcoming international exhibitions in Canada and Switzerland.

In this exclusive workshop, Alesandro will teach you how you can be both a creative and wildly successful in business, without forgoing your creative integrity. Whether you’re an artist, writer, musician, designer, photographer or simply want to get more creative with your entrepreneurial endeavours, Alesandro’s workshop promises to be jam-packed with insights and inspiration.

In Alessandro’s Workshop you will learn:

• Alessandro’s experience of turning a $3000 investment into a multi -7 figure per annum business.
• How to build a community of loyal creatives around your brand.
• The best way to identify and leverage creative opportunities.
• Why you shouldn’t have a Plan B.
• How to combine creative practice and business - because there is time for both.
• The best way to scale your creative offering.
• How to turn your creative struggles into your best business opportunities.
• Why evolution is critical to your success as an artist and entrepreneur.

# 2 Growing Your Retail Empire

How to build highly covetable, talked-about retail brands with Alyce Tran of In the Round House and formerly, The Daily Edited.

Alyce Tran is a powerhouse in creating recognisable, swoon-worthy retail brands with two mega-successful brands to her name, she’s also the Asia Pacific Brand Strategist for LTK.

Working as a lawyer, Alyce used her blog as a creative outlet before turning it into a lucrative side hustle. So lucrative that less than a year from launching, Alyce was able to walk away from her 12-hour-a-day corporate job to focus solely on growing The Daily Edited.

The Daily Edited was one of Australia’s first true Instagram brands that became a fully-fledged retail brand with outlets in David Jones stores as well as stand-alone retail stores in Australia and the US. Whilst with TDE, Alyce oversaw the strategic direction, marketing, HR (for a team of close to 100), product development & visual aesthetic, finance, warehouse and retail operations. 

In the Roundhouse, a tabletop brand creating unique homewares is stocked by some of the world’s most recognisable department stores including Liberty, Saks Fifth Avenue and David Jones. Alyce is responsible for overseeing the supply chain, product development, marketing and retail strategy.

In this workshop, Alyce will share her insights on retail strategy development, international expansion, supply chain management, product development and marketing. If you’ve got a product-based business, or what to create a memorable brand experience around your service-based business, Alyce’s workshop will be invaluable.

In Alyce’s Workshop you will learn:

• The truth about what it takes to create two mega-successful omnichannel retail brands from the ground up.
• How to nail execution - turning your product ideas into a reality.
• Alyce’s insights for building brands in 2023 and beyond.
• The number one, often overlooked, marketing strategy to build a loyal customer base.
• How to scale your retail offering to an international market.
• Why there’s no such thing as ‘the secret formula’ to retail success.
• How to leverage feedback to create better products.
• The power of creative collaborations and how to do them the right way.

# 3 How to find your next big idea

Turning a ‘simple’ idea into an international phenomenon with Tara Simich, Founder of Mermade Hair.

Tara Simich is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in business development, marketing and growth strategies. But not even Tara could have predicted the incredible success of her hair styling brand, Mermaid Hair when it launched in 2019.

If you’ve somehow missed the Mermade Hair mania that’s taken over social media in recent years, it all started with an innovative hair styling tool  - The Mermade Hair Waver - which sold out within hours of launching. 

Since then, Tara has grown Mermade Hair into an international hair care and styling brand, stocked by some of the world’s most recognisable retailers including Harrods, Anthropologie, Myer and Urban Outfitters. Mermade Hair is also loved by a host of celebrities including Khloe Kardashian, Hailey Bieber and Sophia Richie to name a few. 

Tara’s big idea came from a simple want - to create beachy waves with the ease of an 80s crimper - proving that innovation doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s about finding a creative solution to a real problem or want. 

In this exclusive workshop, Tara will teach you how to take action on those big ideas you’ve been sitting on and the power of knowing your market when it comes to innovation. Whether you’ve got an established brand or a big idea that you’re ready to execute, Tara’s workshop will be packed with actionable takeaways that will inspire you to take action.

In Tara’s Workshop you will learn:

• Tara’s story of turning a simple idea into one of the fastest-selling hair products of all time.
• How to leverage word-of-mouth and testimonials for maximum results.
• Simple steps to take your big idea from concept to product.
• Why nailing your niche is your biggest superpower in business.
• How to evolve your brand to meet the changing needs of your customer.
• The biggest risks and challenges that come with growth and how to minimise them.
• The process of scaling from an Instagram brand into a fully-fledged, international retail brand.

# 4 Simplifying legal speak to minimise risk and future-proof your business

How to protect your business, intellectual property and assets as you launch new products & services, scale your business and prepare for investment or sale with Olivia Hitchens, Co-founder and Principal at Hitch Advisory.

With more than 12 years of experience practising business and retail law, Olivia Hitchens is one of Australia’s most trusted business legal advisors.

Olivia is the co-founder and Principal at Hitch Advisory, a firm with clients across the retail spectrum including brands such as; Aje, Toni & Guy, Cotton On, Anytime Fitness, Hello Fresh and Sweaty Betty PR. Hitch Advisory is also the exclusive legal advisor to the Australian Retailers Association, with over 4000 members.

Olivia specialises in competition and consumer law, intellectual property and licensing, contract law, social media and internet law as well as supply agreements. She’s not only trusted by some of the country’s leading retail brands but is frequently called upon by the media for comment thanks to her unmatched ability to make complex legal matters relevant and uncomplicated.

If you’re in business, regardless of whether it’s product or service-based, bricks & mortar retail or online, Olivia’s workshop guarantees to give you practical tools and insights that will help you ensure you’re protecting your intellectual property, business and assets. She’ll also share her entrepreneur’s essentials for anyone looking to get investment or future-proof their business for growth, mergers or sale.

In Olivia’s Workshop you will learn:

• Olivia’s experience in building one of the country’s most reputable law firms.
• How to structure your business for short & long-term business goals.
• The best way to attract, incentivise and retain your best talent.
• Key legal considerations for business from early stage to growth and planning for exit.
• The top 5 things you need to do now if you hope to one day sell your business.
• How to pitch for investment.
• The most common hurdles businesses face when pitching and securing investment and how to avoid them.
• The difference between IP, copyright and trademarks - what they mean and when to apply for them.

BONUS 2 - valued at over $1200

Access to the complete Roxy Jacenko Bootcamp suite of online courses

Including: The Marketing Bootcamp, The Brand Bootcamp, The Influencer Bootcamp & Instagram Essentials.

BONUS 3 - valued at $16.99

A signed copy of Roxy’s Little Black Book of Tips and Tricks

BONUS 4 - $$ can’t buy opportunity

The opportunity to attend a LIVE, in-person end-of-Mastermind celebration evening with me, in Sydney!

At the end of our 8 months together, you’ll receive an exclusive invitation to a private event with me and the other Mastermind participants. This will be the ultimate celebration of your wins and an opportunity to cement the friendships and connections that you’ll have developed with other, like-minded entrepreneurs. (Please note: there will be an additional cost to attend and any travel and accommodation costs will be at the participant's expense).